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 NC machine tools in sheet metal processing processes, generally can be divided into the following five processing methods:
1. Single-pass stamping. After using a single stamping to complete the arc-shaped distribution or Pinhole, grid and other conditions scattered metal parts processing, and then in a short period of time to complete the separation of metal structure, so that the final shape of the metal products.
2. The sheet metal processing method can be divided into unidirectional and multi-directional. Among them, the multi-direction blanking method is generally applicable to the processing of large metal layers or the forming of large metal holes, the one-way processing method is applicable to the stacked status of a number of metal parts processing. The Mechanical Angle and function set by successive blanking processing method are different, and different processing effect can be finished.
3.follow up finishing. This kind of blanking processing method is also called nibbling processing, which is mainly used to polish and finish the metal parts. Generally in this process used in the processing of small circular model, small arc mold, and then in the process of precision positioning, precision grinding effect.
4.sheet metal processing method of single or repeated succession. On the basis of numerical control machine tool, the metal parts to be processed can be drawn and shaped at one time according to the requirement of die selection, and then the metal parts matching the existing die can be obtained. However, if the metal parts after the above treatment can not meet the expected requirements, it should be repeated processing, so that they form the final shape.
5. Method of forming 1111111 array. With the use of CNC machine tools, the method is generally used to complete large-scale production requirements. A combination of several existing dies is used to complete the faster processing of large sheet metal products. In this process, the patterns and types of sheet metal products for the selection of basic common, and then facilitate the design of the pattern template into the array.


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