74 gram CO2 Cartridge canister for beer keg

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Gas Storage tank is widely used in air compressor industry

A gas tank is a device specifically designed to store gas. After the air compressor is installed in the air storage tank, it is usually said that the air storage tank can not only store the Compressed air, reduce the pressure pulsation caused by the discontinuity of the exhaust of the compressor, realize the balance of air supply and gas consumption, but also reduce the temperature of the Compressed air, reduce the load of filter and desiccant. After 10 years of efforts, Xinfeng pneumatic has achieved seriation, production scale, testing standardization, and gradually to the direction of mechanization, automation. First-class product quality. First-class quality pre-sale and after-sale service, won the majority of users. Xinfeng pneumatic manufacturing sales of Compressed air, not only can store a certain amount of air, and output air pressure is relatively stable, while reducing the air temperature, remove part of the water, dust, impurities. The main function of the tank is to weaken the pulsation of the air flow from the Piston Air compressor, to improve the continuity and pressure stability of the output air flow, to further precipitate and separate the water and oil in the Compressed air, and to ensure the continuous supply of sufficient air. The gas storage tanks can be used in parallel or in combination with one another; they can be divided into high-pressure gas storage tanks, low-pressure gas storage tanks and atmospheric gas storage tanks according to the pressure they bear; and they can be divided into stainless steel gas tanks according to the different metal materials used in the gas storage tanks, carbon steel stainless steel gas tank, alloy material stainless steel gas tank.





Pressure: High
Model Number. BT74
Material: Steel
Brand Name: OEM
Use: beer keg
ltem Name: 74 gram C02 Cartridge canister for beer keg
REF # BT74
Cartridge Material: Recyclable Steel
Body Diameter: 40mm
Length: 138mm
Gas Filled: High Quality Pure C02
Neck Configurations: 5/8 threaded
Coating: Zinc plating finish or Lacquered
Packaging Qty: 100pcs Master Carton
Carton Measurement: 420*210*150mm





Cartridge Material

Recyclable Steel

Body Diameter




Gas Filled

74 grams of CO2

Neck Configurations

5/8 threaded


Zinc plating finish

or Lacquered

Packaging Qty

50pcs Master Carton

Carton Measurement

420*210*150 (mm)

Gross Weight

(Master Carton)




General Usuage

 beer kegs



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