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What are the technological breakthroughs and advances in machine tool manufacturing in the sheet metal processing industry?

 after several years of rapid development, sheet Metal Processing in Dongguan has broken and advanced many technologies in machine tool manufacturing and die processing manufacturing, the speed of the pressing and cutting operations of the Dongguan sheet metal processing machine tools has far exceeded people’s expectations, the output power of many manufacturing plants has increased several times over the past few years by using a mobile positioning system to drive the workbench or laser head, making the cut material move at a high speed under the system drive head, the laser head is composed of a light source part and a cutting initial part. The light source part acts as a collective laser beam of very short wavelength. After cutting, the laser beam is vertically assembled on the surface of the material being cut, and the material being cut is heated, melted and evaporated to form a cutting seam, the closed slit forms the opening of the pad. The software part is used to receive, process, control and drive the laser head and the mobile system.

1, in the process of operation, energy should meet.

2, strictly in accordance with the operating procedures, fixed person to set the equipment.

3. Wear proper labor protection gear.

4, easy to deformation of bending parts, surface easy to scratch parts processing to regular discharge packing, shall not pile up.

5, non-metal processing parts, in the processing should be before the mold and worktable wipe clean, to avoid dirtying the workpiece.

sheet metal processing

6, processing bending, not out of the die parts, not allowed to put the second piece, blanking, punching to timely clear the parts falling on the edge of the die, or not allowed to continue punching.

7, in the operation process, stop the hand extended between the upper and lower mold, in the absence of protective measures, as far as possible to prevent repeated, processing small pieces must use tweezers or other special tools to operate.

8, after the power failure, the slide free fall and the operation of the punch to stop the use.

9. Do not start the machine until the die is fastened and the space is adjusted properly. 

what are some of the technological breakthroughs and advances in machine tool manufacturing? Therefore, the extension and development of the application of laser cutting technology, more and more materials are applicable, but different materials have different characteristics, so the material has a great impact on the cutting effect. After years of Research and verification, Xinchuan sheet metal has finally concluded a variety of different materials for attention. So the same cutting equipment, cutting out of the effect is not the same. The metal composition, microstructure, surface quality, surface treatment, beam reflection, melting point and air temperature are all related to the cutting effect.

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