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Sheet Metal Processing Plant Paint Technology

sheet metal processing plant commonly used paint is divided into two categories, one kind of low-temperature paint fixed temperature for 140 degrees-180 degrees, the other kind is called high-temperature paint, fixed temperature for 280 degrees-400 degrees. 

paint can be said to be a paint, to put it more simply, a good paint brush on the surface of the object and then baked dry in the oven, the benefits of paint is bright color, has a strong visual impact, good Surface finish, easy to scrub, moisture proof, better fireproofing. 

paint the process requirements are as follows: 

the paint needs to paint putty on the door, as the painting of the bottom layer, in the substrate to play three primer, four top coat, each paint, are sent to the dust-free temperature baking room.


next will be putty leveling putty until dry, on the paint door surface polished polished and polished smooth. Check the light to see if there’s orange peel on the paint panel. DOOR surface should be no texture, no orange peel phenomenon. Use Your hand to touch the corners of the painted door to see if they are smooth and flat. Check if the corners are the same color as the door.

then repeat the Primer 3-5 times, each time after spraying, you want to use water sandpaper and abrasive cloth to polish the paint. After the door with hand to touch the surface of paint, whether there are dust particles, bubbles. The surface of the door should be flat, smooth, no particles, no different feeling to touch. 

finally, spray 1-3 times a glossy finish, then bake at high temperature to set the coat. After the end with a hard object quietly hit. There should be no crack on the surface of the paint, no serious falling of the paint film, no white coating and other abnormal conditions, and no obvious damage to the paint film.


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