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Sheet metal hand plate grinding process features 

hand plate model to achieve close to the product, to check the appearance of the role, you must make a hand plate model. After the hand plate model is done, the first thing we need is to polish the hand plate. What is the hand plate polishing? Sheet metal hand grinding is to remove the surface of the surface of the Burr, oil dust, reduce the surface roughness of the workpiece, the old paint layer after grinding, but also enhance the adhesion of the coating. Sheet Metal handplate grinding can be divided into traditional craft grinding and modern grinding. 

why do we need to polish the sheet metal handplate? 

because a hand plate parts in CNC machining, its surface will inevitably occur a lot of burrs and knife marks. The time has come to tackle these problems with an artificial hand. Generally we will choose sandpaper for grinding, or polishing.

common appearance treatments are sanding, sandblasting, polishing, coloring, screen printing, electroplating. Today, by the SIJUNDA small series to explain to you sheet metal hand board grinding method.



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