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 stainless steel — what to look for when choosing a metalworking plant

 it is well known that new stainless steel products have been developed to verify appearance, standards and structure, and of course a small number of them have been used in small batches, no matter what method is used, it must be made with a hand plate. Here are three suggestions.

1. Look at the company’s qualifications and processing experience. There are many sheet metal processing plants all over the country, and their qualifications vary. Many small workshops don’t even have names. If they buy two sets of equipment at random, they will open their business. Their products are of no quality at all. In Guangdong, sheet metal processing plants have special competitive advantages. Because of their proximity to Hong Kong and Shenzhen, they were able to seize large areas with sensitivity. Also, the longer the run, the more collaboration, the better the product. CONTACT: Cai Manager, Tel: 18038753335

2, look at the equipment, product qualification rate. The quantity and grade of equipment directly affect the qualified rate and shipment of products. In the industry, the best are laser cutting and bending, which can work together to process multiple surfaces and ensure delivery time. While laser cutting and bending are relatively common, suppose you want to ensure your delivery rate, you still win the quantity. When customers choose a sheet metal processing plant, they can also check their word of mouth online. In general, companies assume that negative news will spread in a viral way.

3. After-sales service. Assuming the first two items are identical, we can try them out on a small scale and process the drawings in small batches to view their after-sales service. No matter how many regular sheet metal processing plants there are in Dongguan, they can not guarantee 100% turnover. However, if defective products are found and the manufacturer does not cooperate in a timely manner, they will be thrown away unnecessarily.


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