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    Zhongshan Yuhao Metal Products Co. , Ltd. was established in 2013. The company is based in Dongsheng, Zhongshan. Dongsheng is an important industrial satellite town in the Pearl River Delta. Xiaolan to the north, Zhongshan to the south. It has unique geographical advantages. The company mainly engaged in mechanical processing, numerical control, laser cutting, punching, steel processing steel trade, steel structure design and production, equipped with big data cutting, re-cutting, folding, bending, winding, welding and other modeling production, and there are many large-scale builders, machinery heavy industry, automotive manufacturing, laser equipment and so on to maintain good relations of cooperation.

    Our company always adhere to the development strategy of talent as the first productive force. In-service professional managers, senior engineers and technicians account for more than half of the company’s employees. A group of professional hardware accessories production technicians more than ten years, is a production team with rich experience. We are always in a hurry, thinking about people’s ideas, following the “honesty, credit first” concept of service, and can according to drawings, samples or customer requirements from development design, precision casting, machining to surface processing services. The whole process. As long as the customer needs, we will do our best to meet!

    The utility model relates to the field of mechanical processing, and discloses a processing fixture for high-precision POM material parts, which can clamp and shape S-shaped POM parts.

1.with high mechanical strength and rigidity; 

2. zui’s high fatigue strength;

3. Good environmental resistance and organic solvent resistance;

4. Strong resistance to repeated impact;  

5. Widely used temperature range (-40℃ ~ 120℃);  

6. good electrical properties;

7. Good resilience;

8. has its own lubricity, wear resistance is good;

9. Excellent dimensional stability.






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