Common problems and solutions for CNC machining centers?

The common problems and solutions of CNC machining center are as follows:
1, the parameter is suddenly lost (0MD system)
FANUC expert Hello: Our company has a machining center in the 930AL and CRT display bar code garbled during operation, all parameters are lost after restarting the power, and then the input parameters can be run normally in the power-on state, I wonder what is the reason? Thank you for your support and help!

A: The parameter is suddenly lost, which may be related to the memory board, battery or external interference. The 930 also indicates that there may be interference from the outside, causing the CPU to work abnormally and a system alarm occurs. Does not rule out motherboard or other PCB failures.

2, 926 alarm (18i) Another machining center has appeared 926 alarm, after the control system’s LCD, except for the alarm information, there is no display (the temperature inside the electric control cabinet is high), somehow, I hope to answer. Thank you!

A: 926 alarm (FSSB alarm) causes and handles failure of the FSSB (servo serial bus) connected to the CNC and servo amplifier. This alarm can occur if there is a problem with the FSSB of the axis control card, the fiber optic cable and the servo amplifier. Confirm that the fault location is judged using the LED on the servo amplifier. The position of the fault can be confirmed by using the 7-segment LED on the servo amplifier. The power of the servo amplifier generates a FSSB alarm if the power of a servo amplifier fails. The FSSB alarm is triggered by amplifying the faulty device to control the supply voltage drop, or the +5V ground of the encoder cable, or other causes of a power failure. Replace the axis control card If the above measures are used to diagnose the failure of the axis control card, replace the axis control card on the main CPU board.

3, the alarm (0imate-B) Recently, a lathe of our company often has 920, 911, 930 alarms, of which 930 are the most, please provide technical support, I would be grateful.

A: 911SRAMPARITY: (BYTE1) A parity error occurred in some of the program memory RAM. Clear RAM, or replace the SRAM module or motherboard. Then reset the parameters and data. 920SERVOALARM (1-4AXIS) This is the servo alarm (first to fourth axes). A monitoring alarm or a RAM parity error in the servo module has occurred. Please replace the servo control module 930CPUINTERRUPTCPU alarm on the main board. Defective motherboard or CPU card. The faulty component can be confirmed by the method of exchanging components. In addition, the machine tool is grounded, and external disturbance must also attract attention.

4, the parameters can not be rewritten (BJ-FANUCOi-MB) Hello, my company has a new machine for Taiwan, after the new machine is installed, the test machine, found that the B axis can not return to zero, when the B axis goes to the zero return switch At the beginning of the deceleration, but after a long time, there will be an alarm No. 90, can not return to zero, I do not know what the reason, please help solve. Thank you!

Answer: No. 90 alarm description: When it is not satisfied to return to the reference point in the direction of returning to the reference point, the CNC returns the reference point at a speed corresponding to the position deviation amount (DGN.300) greater than 128 pulses, the CNC receives the 1 rotation signal at least once. Condition, this alarm occurs when returning to the reference point. Check: 1. Zero return speed; 2. A turn signal.

5, machining center (FANUC-18iM) After the machine is turned off for a period of time, the alarm appears: 701: OVERHEAT: FANMOTOR checked the alarm for the CNC system cooling fan failure, but after checking, the fan is running normally, the alarm can not be eliminated . Finally, only the #0 of parameter 8901 is changed from “0″ to “1″, and the alarm is masked. Hope to help solve, thank you!

A: The fan is broken, but it can still be rotated. Only a new replacement can be purchased.

6. Machine alarm (FANUC-18) After the spindle is overloaded, the machine alarms, the alarm number is 751, and the spindle servo module alarm number is AL-73. How to repair?

A: The motor sensor signal is broken. (1) When an alarm occurs when the motor is energized off (a) The parameter setting error confirms the sensor setting parameter. (b) Replace the cable if the cable is broken. (c) Sensor adjustment error Please adjust the sensor signal. When the adjustment cannot be made or the signal is not observed, replace the connection cable and sensor. (d) SPM failure Replace the SPM or SPM control printed circuit board. (2) When the cable is touched (spindle operation, etc.), an alarm may occur that the wire is broken. Please replace the cable. When there is a cutting oil intrusion into the connector part, please clean it. (3) An alarm occurs when the motor rotates. (a) The cable shielding process between the sensor and the SPM confirms the cable shielding process. (b) Bind together with the power line of the servo motor. If the cable from the sensor to the SPM is bundled with the servo motor power line, please tie it separately.

7, 351 alarm (Oi-M) A machining center, OI-M system, NC control X, Y, Z, B4 axis, B axis is the rotary axis. Fault phenomenon: During processing, 351 alarm occurs, and both are in the N5H6Z344.2 block, but there is no B-axis work command in this section. After a fault occurs, the 4-axis module shows a “-” display. After re-powering, it is normal. After working for a while, this fault occurs again. Now there are 2-3 times per shift. Solution: The diagnostic screen 0203#5#6 is 1, the fault range is 1: the signal cable is poorly connected; 2 the encoder, motherboard, and servo module hardware are defective. You can exclude 1 because you can temporarily troubleshoot after restarting it. For 2, we reinsert the plug of the encoder, motherboard, and servo module. It has no effect, and the fault still exists. Please analyze it, what should we do next?

A: Mainly from 1 check, related to the signal cable, check the signal cable of the alarm axis to see when there is movement (often in other axes, the cable of this axis is dragged). If the cable is folded over and folded over for a long time, it will not be in good contact, and the alarm will appear irregularly. Only new cables can be replaced at this time.

8, 408 # and 409 # simultaneous alarm processing (FANUC0MD) There are several reasons for the machine to appear 408 and 409 alarm, please advise?

A: It is generally not possible to have 408, 409 alarms at the same time. 408 is poor communication, that is, communication between the spindle amplifier and the system (storage board) is not possible. Generally, the spindle amplifier has no power, or the interface is broken 409 alarm, and the alarm number of the spindle amplifier appears. The specific alarm number is displayed on the amplifier.

9. Fan (0i-mate-TB) After the “611,9113″ alarm occurs, check that the cooling fan of the power module does not turn, and replace the other fan that is running normally. Confirm that the fan is broken. The above alarm (fan normal operation) still appears after the replacement of the same type of fan. After checking, the fan is produced by the same manufacturer but the current is 0.03A larger than the original 0.1A. The fan on the spindle drive module is reversed, and the611, 9113 alarm no longer appears, but FANflashes on the CRT without affecting the machining. Q Is the detection of the fan not the detection component such as the thermistor, but only the detection of the current magnitude? A: It is best to buy the “FAN” flashing on the same type of fan CRT because the spindle drive module is still on the heat sink. There is a problem with an external fan

10,971 alarm! (BJFANUC0i-MateTB) This machine is the CAK6150D CNC car produced by Shenyang Machine Tool Plant. In the automatic operation process, the alarm No. 971 often appears. After the CNC is turned off, the alarm is cleared. Please guide the maintenance! A: It may be The power or cable of the I/O card is loose.
11. What is the 506,507 alarm of the FS21T system? (FS21T) The CNC lathe of one of our company’s FS21T system is alarmed 506, 507. What do the 506, 507 alarms of the FS21T system indicate? How to solve it? A: 506OVERTRAVEL: +nExceededthen-thaxis+sidehardwareOT. 507OVERTRAVEL: -nExceededthen-thaxis-sidehardwareOT. Does the hardware overtravel occur at the same time?

12. Position display (FANUC-0M) The position display is faulty, and the position display changes from the original three decimal places to four digits.

A: Parameter modification: No. 0001#0SCW1 can be changed to 0

The above experience sharing is for reference only. Thank you!

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