Several points affecting the processing speed of metal engraving machine

1, if the metal carving machine motor noise, generally because the motor internal fault, need to find after-sales solution; may also be due to the motor load is too large, you can adjust the speed.

2, engraving machine motor heat serious; this situation is mainly the metal engraving machine’s cooling system problems, then it is necessary to check the circulation of water and pump work is normal.

3. When the motor of metal engraving machine appears reverse phenomenon, this kind of situation is usually caused by the motor wire missing phase, which can be directly transferred to the UVW end of the output.

4, if the engraving machine motor speed slow phenomenon, then it may be the engraving machine motor power problems; at this time, we can first check whether the way the short circuit to check, it could also be caused by a phase gap in the motor wiring.

Post time: Jun-10-2020